Monday, August 31, 2009

Live updates from HD90

Fairness Fund Organizer Andrea Jansa will be sending live updates from house district 90 throughout the day. Please stay tuned for the latest information

12:00 pm update
Gathering with the large group of volunteers who are all here to help out the Curt Hanson campaign for Iowa house district 90. As soon as the auditor finishes updating the list of returned absentee ballots, we'll begin ballot chasing for the day. Ballot chasing includes talking to voters who requested absentee ballots, and offering to take their ballot to the auditor's office. Voters have until 4:30 today to either postmark their ballot or turn it in. After that they'll need to take absentee ballots to their polling location and return them before voting at the polls. The energy is high and everyone is excited to get out there and let voters know tomorrow is election day!

2:15 p.m. update
The volunteers have been sent out in pairs and triplets to "chase" outstanding ballots.  Matt, Craig, and I are working on our assinged lists of ballots.  All the volunteers are being utilized and we have until 4:30 to get our ballots picked up. 
Word is we'll be putting door-hangers on the doors of Fairfield residents this evening, so we'll all be getting our exercise in!
Driving around Fairfield has been a treat.  The homes are beautiful and you can tell the residents take pride in their properties and their community.  It's refreshing to see such a diverse area in what may be considered rural Iowa.  Everyone is very welcoming. 

9 p.m. update
The residents of Fairfield have definitely gotten a chance to get to know Curt Hanson volunteers! After we finished ballot chasing this afternoon, we took out a round of door hangers as reminders to voters who vote at the polls. The hangers also had information with each household's voting location.

I had a great conversation with a woman who completely supports Hanson and was really disturbed by the money coming in for Burgmeier from out-of-state organizations, such as the National Organization for Marriage.

Another great story comes from organizer Ryan Crane: During his stay in Fairfield, Ryan helped 94-year-old Lee Gobble write a letter encouraging his neighbors to vote for Curt Hanson. Since Lee wasn't able to get a letter to the editor into the newspaper in time, he paid for an ad to show his support.

Everyone is gearing up for a big day tomorrow. Stay tuned for stories throughout election day!

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