Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another day closer to the election!

by Fairness Fund Regional Field Organizer Ryan Crane

The office buzzed with passers-by and volunteers today. A police officer, a community activist and some college students stopped by to see what they could do to help. Lots of postcards were filled out and lots of phone calls were made. Plus, the collection of absentee ballots is beating expectations!
Curt Hanson spent all afternoon patiently reaching out to to constituents over the phone, and was the most articulate and sharp candidate at a well-attended public debate in Fairfield this evening.
Tomorrow promises to be a little more fast-paced. Starting after lunch, an aggressive campaign to collect outstanding absentee ballots should bring in a huge number of votes that folks may have had just sitting on their counters. And as we continue working to beat expectations, the enthusiasm is building. You can really feel the sense of dedication rising!

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