Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the Ground in HD90!

by Fairness Fund Regional Field Organizer Ryan Crane

Greetings from Fairfield, IA!

On my first full day of assisting Democratic candidate Curt Hanson's campaign, the mood is good and the efforts are well-managed. Help is coming in from all corners -- AFSCME, community activists, state representatives, state senators, and unions -- and nearly every voter in the district has been contacted. Some more than once!

Just today, we beat the goal set for absentee ballots, requested and collected, ONE WEEK before the election.

I created some flyers to urge people to vote early at the courthouse, collected ballot requests and chased some absentee ballots door-to-door. I'm part of a team working hard to get every vote for Curt Hanson!

But there is a lot of urgency under the surface. Last night, when I expressed confidence in Hanson's prospects, almost all the staffers warned me the race would come down to the wire and be very close. Having worked on and volunteered for several campaigns in the past, I know this to be true. There is no winner until every vote is counted.

Stay tuned to the Fairness Fund blog. I'll be with you along the way to share my thoughts on the race and my perspective from the ground!

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