Monday, August 24, 2009

Extremist group tries to buy Iowa election

Here they go again.

Only months after the unanimous decision in favor of the freedom to marry in Iowa, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has come to Iowa to take away this freedom with what they call a "targeted intervention" into Iowa politics.

Don't let them.

Yesterday, NOM, a front group for Mormon-funded anti-gay campaigns across the country, launched their "Reclaim Iowa Project," investing tens of thousands of out-of-state dollars to influence an Iowa House special election in rural southeast Iowa.

Goal ThermometerWith the special election a week away, we cannot afford to let these ads go unopposed. We need your help and we need it NOW. To combat these negative messages, we must raise $10,000 by midnight on Friday, August 29.

The secretive New Jersey-based group, known for its multi-million dollar investment to pass California's Proposition 8, reported making an $86,080 ad buy on behalf of candidate Steven Burgmeier, a vocal opponent of civil marriage equality.

The Mormon Church and NOM have invested millions of dollars to spread lies and fear in California and now they have their sights set on rural Iowa. This raises the question: Has Burgmeier been bought and paid for by out-of-state religious extremists? If not, he should reject this divisive advertisment.

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