Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fairness Fund working to elect Curt Hanson

A special election in fewer than 30 days will set the tone for the 2010 Legislative Session and next fall’s election. Opponents of equality are mobilizing to elect an anti-gay candidate to replace Rep. John Whitaker in Iowa House District 90 in SE Iowa. Whitaker, a fair-minded legislator who opposed attempts to undermine the Supreme Court's historic ruling, has been appointed to a position at the USDA. Governor Culver has set the special election for September 1.

We must see that Iowa’s fair-minded majority is protected! We only have weeks to go! Donate now to the Fairness Fund PAC to help elect fair-minded legislators!

For September's special election, Democrats have nominated Curt Hanson, a candidate committed to focusing on issues affecting all Iowans: jobs, the economy and education. Republicans have nominated a vocal opponent of equality: Jefferson County supervisor Steve Burgmeier, who helped pass a divisive resolution earlier this year asking legislators to undermine the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision.

The choice is clear! Please contribute to the Fairness Fund PAC today.
With your help, we will keep the seat for proponents of equality.

Make no mistake, a Burgmeier victory would be a boost for opponents of equality.They would use his victory to push for a constitutional amendment next legislative session and overthrow pro-equality candidates in 2010. The Fairness Fund PAC is standing up for our fair-minded legislators who have stood with us. We are mobilizing supporters of equality across the state to see that equality is protected in Iowa, now and in the future. Your support is vital to our efforts. Please give what you can today!

"My priorities are simple: balance the state budget, create good-paying jobs in key industries like renewable energy, make health care more affordable for middle class families, and ensure our kids have the education and skills they need to get a job in these tough economic times."

- Curt Hanson

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