Thursday, August 20, 2009

Support Fairness Fund's work in HD90

by Fairness Fund PAC Field Organizer Joe Nydle

In fewer than two weeks, voters will go to the polls in southeast Iowa's house district 90. This crucial special election will set the tone for the 2010 elections and next year's legislative session. I'm volunteering my time on behalf of the Fairness Fund PAC to see that our endorsed candidate, Curt Hanson, is elected.

Curt's anti-gay opponent was recently endorsed by Everyday America, an organization that has spearheaded efforts to overturn the recent Iowa Supreme Court decision in favor of marriage equality. Already, we've seen our opponent go on the air with negative TV ads, designed to spark anger among his base. Please donate today to make sure we have the resources and support on the ground to counter these negative ads!

Support our work to elect a pro-equality candidate in this crucial district!

I'm on the ground, working with Hanson's campaign to ensure his strong finish. Early voting may be the key in this district, so we've deployed teams of door-to-door canvassers to collect and return absentee ballots. Every single vote is important in this neck-and-neck race.

In what may be the opening salvo of the 2010 elections, the Fairness Fund PAC is mobilized to support Curt's candidacy. By defeating his anti-gay candidate, we make clear discrimination is not a winning issue.

In the final week, we will be sending additional volunteers and resources to ensure Curt's victory. Please support our work today!

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